What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is woven into different types of fabric all with its own qualities and unique application. On its own, it cannot make a product. It must be mixed with resin and catalyst to form the mould or product. The resin depends on the type of fiberglass product or fiberglass mould you want to manufacture. Resin need not cost a lot of money and the quantity used depends on the amount of fillers that will be employed in the fiberglass manufacturing process.

Making the product is not very complicated or difficult. Most products are made by using a simple hand lay-up technique. All tools and materials are readily available.

Gel coats that produce resilient hard wearing surfaces that is strong and durable is used if the surface of the product must have a high sheen. Fiberglass can have many types of finishes, ranging from metallic, bronze, gold, silver, aluminum, granite, matt and any other colour or finish that you can think of.